L'alégorie du bon gouvernement est fresque faisant partie d'une série peinte par d'Ambrogio Lorenzetti et placées sur les murs de la Sala dei Nove (la salle des Neuf) ou Sala della Pace (salle de la Paix) du Palazzo Pubblico de Sienne

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jeudi, 02 novembre 2017 11:26

The Runaway Word. Languages and Religious Exile in the Renaissance

The Runaway Word. Languages and Religious Exile in the Renaissance

7-8 novembre 2017

CESR - Tours

This conference brings together scholars who work on texts published in Geneva during Calvin’s lifetime and until the end of the 16th century. The debate will focus on stylistic, rhetorical, and linguistic issues in this editorial production determined by Calvinist thought and theology. The conference will also take into account the political as well as social contexts in which these texts were conceived and produced, such as the censorial system put in place by Calvin himself or by the administrative bodies set up on his authority, the editorial market, and the circulation of books in a reformed milieu. In addition, the conference will address the influence exerted by the “polyglossie du refuge” on the works printed during this period.


En savoir plus : http://www.lestudium-ias.com/event/runaway-word-languages-and-religious-exile-renaissance


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